The Henegar Center Mission Statement:

The Henegar Center for the Arts is committed operating a community arts center that provides quality cultural and educational programs, opportunities for community use and continues to preserve and maintain its historic significance.


About The Henegar:

The Henegar Center was born from the vision of a dedicated group of community leaders. As the deterioration of two historical buildings in downtown Melbourne became increasingly apparent, a small group formed the Brevard Regional Arts Group (BRAG) to revive the treasured landmarks. The buildings, formerly public schools, were donated by the Brevard County School System to BRAG for transformation into cultural arts facilities. The Henegar Center for the Arts was thus born, named for Ruth Henegar, beloved principal for whom the original middle school was named in 1963.

BRAG raised over $2.5 million in cash and services to renovate the main building and the final renovations were completed in 1993.

At the heart of the Center is a 493 seat proscenium-style theater designed by a Tony Award-winning Broadway set designer. The stage features a main stage curtain from the original Broadway production of The King and I, with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems for the highest quality productions.

Tobacco-Free Campus

 The Henegar Center for the Arts has embarked on a new initiative to create a tobacco-free environment. Joining a growing movement, both nationally and locally, the Henegar Center is committed to promote and encourage a healthy environment, and set a positive example in the community. Programming has boomed in recent years, from nine full productions per season and year-round children’s programming through the Feller Theatre Academy, and the Henegar Center is proud to offer a more comfortable space for their guests.

The Henegar Center Board of Directors recognizes the importance of creating a healthy environment for our community, including the actors, patrons, employees, and all the children participating in the year round Feller Theatre Academy. The Board recently decided to implement the tobacco-free initiative and positively impact the community. The tobacco-free policy affects the entire campus.

Board of Directors – Officers:

Cliff Bragdon, President
Steve Spragins, Treasurer
Brock Tucker, Secretary

Board Members:

Leeanne Saylors
Priscilla Blyseth
Patti Ferguson
Rusty Melle
Scott Allen Levy
Tony Catanese
Westanna Bobbitt
Brian Gatchell

Henegar Center Staff:

Luis Diaz-Albertini, Managing Director
Hank Rion, Artistic Director
Brighid Reppert, Production Manager
Roger Hughes, Box Office Manager
Walter Clapp, Office Assistant