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The Henegar is a nonprofit organization, and ticket revenue covers only 45% of our operating costs. In an effort to make The Henegar as accessible as possible to everyone by keeping ticket prices affordable, we rely on charitable contributions for 55% of our operating income. Without it, we simply wouldn’t be here and we wouldn’t be able to bring you the kind of high-quality, award-winning performances our community has come to enjoy.

We are currently raising funds to replace our current fly rigging system.  What is a fly rigging system, you ask?

You’re watching another amazing performance with the two lead characters singing a touching duet. Then in an instant the walls “fly” into the air, new set pieces drop in to replace them and all of a sudden you are now watching the big dance number out in the streets across town. Another case of Theatre Magic!

But it’s not magic at all. All of this happens by utilizing a very intricate set of ropes and counterweights known as a fly rigging system. At the Henegar, our system utilizes sandbags and hemp ropes. It’s one of only a few of these antiquated systems remaining. Today’s new shows require more intricate systems that utilize a more modern setup and are a lot safer to use.

Having this newer double-purchase fly rigging system, will allow the Henegar Center to create even bigger effects, bring in more current options, and do it all faster and safer than ever before.

We are asking for your help to raise the funds needed for this $275,000 project.

If you would like to contribute to The Henegar Center for the Arts, please click the “Donate Now” button below!